ah, I think is just harmless fun/cute. It's like when a city lights up a prominent building in team colors (Empire State building, for example). The fans of the team get a little moment of pride and thinking it's cool, and non-fans aren't hurt in anyway. The odds than any one individual lorde super fan would've heard… » 10/19/14 7:00pm Yesterday 7:00pm

Really? I feel like there are a lot of big box bookstores around! You might not live on the base I thought you lived on so these might not be that close, but there is a b&n at metro center and a books a million in DuPont on the circle. There is also a b&n in Clarendon and one in Alexandria! and some further out in VA… » 10/19/14 4:20pm Yesterday 4:20pm

I personally think it's unfair. You would be paying the same amount for these services just for yourself anyway, and offered them up to your friends. I have a friends netflix account and wouldn't expect to pay her since she offered. » 10/15/14 10:13pm Wednesday 10:13pm

I studied abroad in Italy a few years ago and this brand was really popular. I bought a few cute things (they have a lot in the slouchy style I like—those pieces are also larger) but a lot of their stuff is also covered in US flags and the words LA and New York. Weird since most of their demographic (Italian women… » 10/15/14 8:35pm Wednesday 8:35pm

fuck that sucks and I'm sorry, you don't deserve it! Can you try being extra super quiet for 2 weeks (like have the boys wear socks and slippers inside to cut down on sound) and ask your landlord to come and listen and prove there's noise? Idk. Ugh fuck those neighbors » 10/15/14 8:26pm Wednesday 8:26pm

That's how all insurance works, though, really. You practically never need it until you do, and then it's basically a lifesaver. I think pet insurance mostly seems like it's not worth it...until your pet is seriously injured or sick and the vet bills are overwhelming. And hopefully that never happens but it's nice to… » 10/14/14 8:58pm Tuesday 8:58pm

Oh god the serial CC'ers. 2 weeks ago my boss knew I had some free time and asked me to copy edit something she was working on for a client that is not my client and isn't even really her client (just one tiny piece is). I copy edited, circulated it around, and got a few thank yous from the actual project team.… » 10/08/14 7:27pm 10/08/14 7:27pm

I work for a progressive political strategy firm. We do a lot of political campaign work and some issue lobbying (on enviro and education mostly), but also work with tons of nonprofits and government programs doing strategy and comms work. I love it! There are lots of tangible results—elections results enrollment in… » 10/07/14 7:37pm 10/07/14 7:37pm

Yeah, they have this ad for several close gubernatorial races (the exact same ad, same actors and all). I haven't seen any numbers on effectiveness yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's doing pretty well among its target audience. » 10/06/14 8:09am 10/06/14 8:09am